The Fear Of Poverty

The system is powerless unless we let it frighten us. And if we fear poverty, we have already admitted defeat.

Do we complain about system injustices but still play its games? If so, we have become part of the problem. Fear of poverty is what injustices are made from.

Poverty is a bully. Let it push us around and we’ll be running from it all our life. But deliberately face it at its worst and it is unlikely to ever scare us again.

Multi-national corporations are owned by people like you and me who are only trying to make a few dollars on an investment. By playing this game, we become part of the monster that crushes opponents, hires and fires at will, and sucks dry the economies of Third World nations.

Fear of poverty and a desire for more are two halves of the same deception.

When we hear people argue that they have to have money, we know they are not capable of changing the system; for they preach the very lie that caused all the trouble in the first place! If we think we cannot live without money, money has ceased being a tool and has become our master. We no longer use it; it uses us!

It would be nice if everyone shared, but the bottom line is not that living by faith will guarantee us economic success.

To really stand poverty on its ear we must consider it at its worst… and that is starvation!

We’re going to die one day anyway. Why not face it now, on our own terms? People can find excitement in fast driving, mountain climbing, taking drugs, and other things that are more dangerous than refusing to work for money. Why not risk death to conquer one of the most universal of all fears: the fear of poverty?

Estimate how many days it’ll take to starve to death, then start doing as many nice things as you can before it happens. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish. And you may also be surprised at how long it takes to die!